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WALEVA Pilot Plant

Last update:8 Sep, 2017

Last June began the demonstration at pilot scale of the technology developed by Técnicas Reunidas WALEVA. The demonstration period extended for 5 weeks completing a total of 4 campaigns of continuous operation of the process during which levulinic acid has been obtained in optimum conditions of yield and purity.

The overall results allow to verify the technical and economic feasibility of the technology as well as the excellent environmental and energy performance. With this demonstration the performance of WALEVA technology has been validated from the biomass raw materials (rice straw) just as it is obtained in the field to the production of levulinic acid.

In particular, the following processing units have been operated:

  1. Mechanical pre-treatment Unit
  2. Chemical pre-treatment Unit
  3. Acid hydrolysis Unit
  4. Purification Unit

It is important to note that while the raw material used for the piloting has been rice straw technology WALEVA technology has been tested with of a wide variety of biomasses achieving in all cases very similar results in terms of yield and purity of the final product.

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