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Workshop Extremadura (D.Benito)

Last update:12 Jan, 2015
empacaje paja de arroz

On day 30 October 2014 was held in Don Benito, Badajoz, a workshop meeting which goal was to determine the procedure for collecting rice straw -that is located on the farm “The Rangeland”- to be later chemically treated to obtain levulinic acid.

The levulinic acid is a chemical that can be used in turn to obtain another set of chemical compounds with high commercial value at present.

The people at the meeting were:

  • Javier Matías Prieto (CICYTEX)
  • Pin Juan Cabanillas (CICYTEX)
  • Vicente López Fernández (TR)
  • Lourdes Martinez Arribas (TR)
  • Manuel Gomez Parejo (President of the Don Benito and districts Farmers Association)
  • Emilio Camacho (Manager of “Emilio Camacho”, a rice company in the área)
  • Thomas Gomez (rice farmer in the area)


waleva-workshop-extremadura-08          waleva-workshop-extremadura-01

Throughout the morning of October 30 were treated and discussed issues about the procedure to be performed for obtaining chemical products.

It was explained as the process of transformation of rice straw in levulinic acid could help obtaining new chemical compounds useful nowadays, besides the remarkable helps the environment which is done by not burn these agricultural waste, reducing to this manner the polluting emissions that could generate.

All participants agreed certain aspects, including the way in which rice straw obtained would be stored as well as the equipment used for the processing.

Due to the high humidity of the soil, the weight of the machinery was an important handicap so finally decided to use the John Deere baler model 359, which performs bales smaller than the baler Vicon LB 8200, rejected by its high weight.

During the meeting were done various tests of collection and packing of rice straw successfully.

waleva-workshop-extremadura-02          waleva-workshop-extremadura-06

Finally, all participants decided to carry out project implementation as described above.

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