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What is the WALEVA project?

The WALEVA project will demonstrate how the environmental damage from the burning of rice straw can be eliminated, and the waste can be deployed as raw material with added value by the introduction of a new value chain which ends in the production of LEVA (levulinic acid).

Global Objectives

Design and construction of a pilot plant for demonstration of an innovative levulinic acid production technology.

Revaluation of rice straw residue solving an european environmental problem.

Dissemination of project objectives and achieved result

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Current progress of the project

WALEVA has a project planning and a work schedule already established from an early stage. Below we present a brief summary of the current state of development of all shares comprising the project. In the progress section you will find a much more detailed information on project progress, including more specific information.


Implementation actions


Monitoring actions


Communication and disemination actions


Project management


LIFE WALEVA comes to an end and presents final results

After more than 3 years of intense activity the LIFE WALEVA project...

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WALEVA Pilot Plant

Last June began the demonstration at pilot scale of the technology developed...

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